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The 138cm Sex Dolls for the Ultimate Pleasure

The 138cm Sex Doll is an ultimate pleasure medium size male and female full body doll with unique designs and realistic skin. The 4ft 6inch dolls are solid made of silicon, for oral, anal and vaginal sex, weighing approximately 25kg (55.1 lbs). The dolls have a rigid skeleton with movable arms for a realistic posture.

The toys come in wide variety of looks that include the Indian, Japanese, Chinese, European and American looks, and in different skin tones that include natural, white, brown, tan and even black skin tones with different hair sizes and hair styles. The eye colors of the dolls also come in many choices; various shades of blue, brown, green, silver, gray and black matching or complementing the body look. Clients also have a broad range of bust, waist, hips and butt sizes to choose from without compromising their tastes and preferences.


Various Eye colors

Mechanically the 138cm sex dolls are of three types, those with heat and sound, those with heat or sound only and those with no heat or sound. The heat and sound enabled dolls, have the technology allowing one to adjust heat and sound for that real human feel, giving ultimate anal, oral or vaginal sex pleasure. Vibration is another feature you can’t miss in most dolls especially the male body dolls.

Dimensionally the toys come with vaginal depth starting 16cm (6.3 inches), anal depth starting 15cm (5.9 inches) and oral depth of 12cm (4.7 inches). Male dolls come with dick of varying sizes too.

The sex toys being of silicon material are easy to clean after use, and they do not stain. This allows worry-free usage, and one can even spice up the dolls look with makeup.

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Going or expecting to go for a vacation it is always good to plan well for your holiday. Planning is not news to regular travelers and holiday makers as this comes naturally. However spicing up a holiday or a trip is something that is hardly in people’s mind. A good way of spicing up your holiday, your trip, your night out or even a dreary day is getting a companion for the day. While couples are usually good to go, the “unmarried” usually don’t have things their way and in the past to get a companion they were forced to visit risky joints. Things have however changed dramatically with the development of technology and emergence of “Escort Agencies” that saves the day.

Escort Agencies are well organized and controlled organization that provides escort services to both men and women. The agencies have evolved with the development of technology, and today hundreds of escort agencies in London have websites to easily and efficiently reach out to clients. The agencies’ websites display the details of the escorts including their photos, age, nationality/language spoken their burst size, their location, the unique services they offer, their charges and contacts among other information. From the agencies websites, you can also access reviews of the escorts from their past clients which is valuable information of knowing how good the services of an escort are, not to be lured by the looks only. Some of the escort agency sites also include features indicating the availability of their escorts and some have even charts where you can easily communicate with the escorts for a booking. The sites are more of a supermarket, giving one the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of escorts.

Escort agencies have increasingly become the choice of many out of the many numerous advantages they offer that include:

  1. Providing a comprehensive profile of the escort: – the client doesn’t have to gamble with chances, what one sees is what one gets. The client gets a full briefing of the escort including their look, age, language spoken and charges enabling him to make an informed choice.
  2. Enhancing accountability: – swindling of the clients is highly reduced and from the word go they know the much they are going to pay for the escort and some agencies even provide safe ways of making the payment. In the case of an unfortunate happening, the client can report to the agency for actions to be taking following the agreed terms and conditions of the service.

iii.    Saves the client time and increases the efficiency of the selection and booking process: – the online platform saves customers time as they browse through the profiles of the escorts and make their choice in the comfort of their suit. Doing this physically is almost impossible especially putting in mind that the companions come from different locations, not housed under one roof for one to walk in and choose. Agencies also facilitate the booking of the escorts in advance.

  1. Client’s security and confidentiality is upheld: – with the escort agencies, the clients don’t have to visit shady joints and brothels that are not secure nor have the privacy one may require getting an escort. Instead, agencies offer their services remotely, and one only has to browse through the website, make his/her choice and book his escort of choice online or through a call. The escort travels to the client’s location for the out-call or the customer travel to the escort area for the in-call. The privacy of client and the confidentiality of his transaction with the escort is also assured; something valued highly by the clients who have names and reputation to protect.


Spice up your dull day by getting a companion from the escort agencies today. Don’t be a lone-ranger when you have an escort at your disposal to give you companion, guide you around and give you other special services.

Fredericia Pizza & Kebab

Fredericia Pizza & Kebab, is your one-stop Italian takeaway restaurant with an incredible wide-range of delicious takeaways. We are an Italian takeaway food restaurant located in Devantiersvej 5th street in Fredericia town in Denmark. You can’t miss a taste of our wide variety of Italian and other classic takeaway foods; make your order, have your order prepared and pick your food or have it delivered to your location and enjoy the tasty unforgettable food experience of a lifetime.

Our Italian takeaway menu is rich with over a hundred varieties of delicious foods and beverages in addition to drippings and pommes frites barbecues and cheese burger which are our most popular dishes. We have numerous varieties of kebabs and over 35 different types of pizzas that include Deep Pan Pizzas, Family Pizzas, General Pizza, Baked Pizzas and children pizzas. We also serve Fries, Chicken, Fish Fillets, Grill Steak, Burgers, Pita Bread, Durums, Flutes, and Sandwiches just to mention a few.  Our salads also come in a wide variety; those with animal products for those who enjoy animal products and vegetables only for those who are strictly vegetarian. For the beverages to complement the food with also serve a variety of liquors, wines, coffees, teas, sodas and spring/mineral water. The food is prepared by our experienced chefs within a short time on placing your order, and the client can opt to pick the food from our restaurant or have it delivered to their location.  To make your order today, access our menu online from our website and place your order on our site. Alternatively, download our Fredericia Pizza & Kebab app from the App Store for the iPhone or from the Google Store for the Android phones and place from which you can access our menu and make your order. You can also call us and to place your order. The app has become a choice for many as it is easier to make the order than from the website where one has to re-enter every detail when making each order.

The Fredericia Pizza was established in 1994 as a small food joint with just a small menu and only one chef, and we have grown with time to become one of the leading takeaway food restaurants in Denmark. We have made a name for our self for our excellent services and high-quality foods. Today we have over ten chefs, a bigger Menu with more variety of takeaways and a well-established delivery system of a fleet of 5 vehicles and 20 motorcycles. We currently deliver orders in Fredericia town and its neighboring suburbs with plans to deliver and open branches in other towns in Denmark and eventually go international. Expect us in your neighborhood soon for a great food experience.

Fredericia Pizza & Kebab, your choice restaurant for unforgettable tasty takeaway food experience!

Buying Ruby Jewelry Guide

Rubies are excellent choices for those seeking to buy jewelries either for themselves or gifts to others. Ruby Jewelries are global favorite to many probably because we associate the red color with love and passion and they are valuable possessions. Ruby stones are also extremely hard, resistant to heat and hard to fracture even under great pressure which makes them very durable and ideal for jewelries. However buying genuine, high quality ruby jewelry is not as simple as walking into a jewelries shop and peaking a piece, those who engage in the trade of jewelries knows this better.

Different Cuts of  Female Ruby Rings

Male Rings

Sets of Ruby Jewelries; ring, necklace & earrings

Ruby & Diamond Necklace

Before even getting to the point of buying a ruby jewelry it is important to know the basic about ruby.

  • Rubies are members of the corundum family and they are the only corundum red in color. All other Corundum in other colors including blue, pink, and yellow are called Sapphire. So if you are buying a ruby jewelry it should have a stone red in color through the shade may vary from light to dark red.
  • While rubies occur naturally they can be created in laboratories. Laboratory made rubies are more affordable while synthetic rubies are hard to get and thus significantly expensive. When buying your ruby jewelry ensure you know the real origin of the ruby whether it is synthetic or natural.
  • Rubies from certain parts of the world are more valuable than others due to their high quality. Rubies from Kenya, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Afghanistan and Vietnam are of higher quality and fetches premium prices. If your ruby jewelry has stone from either part of the world mentioned expect to pay a premium price. For those looking to buy high quality ruby jewelries, jewelries with rubies from these parts of the world should be your choice.
  • The color of the ruby also determines its price. Those with rich, true red colors have higher value.



The various shades of ruby

The Value of Various Rubies by Shades


  • The cut of the ruby is another factor which may largely determine its price. The motive behind the cut of the ruby jewelry may be to maximize the color, to maximize the carat weight or to minimize inclusion in addition to getting the shape the consumer wants.

Various Cuts of Ruby

Set of realistic red rubies with different cuts.
Rubies Cut in Various Design & Shape

With the fundamental information one is in a better position to buy a ruby jewelry without being swindled. To successfully buy a genuine ruby jewelry all one needs is to:

  1. Identify a genuine ruby jewelry shop: – not all jewelry-shops sell genuine ruby jewelries. Genuine ruby shops are certified, they discloses the origin of the ruby stone on the jewelry and clearly rates the quality of the ruby stone. These shops also have clear terms of trade and return agreement.
  2. Determine whether you wish to buy a synthetic or laboratory made ruby stone jewelry. This will be largely be guided by your budget.
  3. In addition to the ruby determine the other material your wish your jewelry to have, for the frame and may be to complement the ruby
  4. Determine the size, cut/shape and the color of ruby stone on the jewelry you wish to buy. Larger stones are more valuable and have richer color than the small rubies. However large natural/synthetic stones are extremely rare and mostly large stones are laboratory made.
  5. If you know any expert or you can be able to higher an expert in rubies or jewelry to assist you in identifying whether a ruby stone on jewelry of your choice is synthetic or not is more advisable. Don’t rely on price alone, you can easily be swindled to pay a premium price or price of a synthetic ruby for a cheaper laboratory made stone. With the help of the expert, and clear specifications of what you want, you can proceed to order or purchase your ruby jewelry without fear.
A Real & a Fake Ruby

The above guide will easily help buy your ruby jewelry ensuring you get a genuine ruby jewelry and value for your money whether you are looking for high quality synthetic ruby stone jewelry or a laboratory made ruby stone jewelry.


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