Academic Writing

Academic Writing usually is a headache for many and tackling a paper is not always an easy task. However, the biggest stumbling block is all in the mind. Nothing is too hard to tackle regardless of the academic level.


“It’s all in the mind”

You can do it and get that A+. Here are a few tips.
Tip 1:- Stop viewing your paper as a whole. View your paper in sections and tackle it section by section.

  • Start with your “heading” – do you have a heading for what you wish to tackle? Don’t worry if you don’t have one – just formulate a simple title not more than 8-12 words. You can change your title later
  • What do you wish to tackle? – Write down in points form the ideas you have or the points you wish to tackle. Re-arrange the points to have coherence.
  • Introduction – at this point you can write an introduction. If you still can’t write your introduction skip the introduction section
  • The body of your work
  • Conclusion
  • Referencing

Tip 2:- Do a thorough research of what you wish to tackle. If it is not possible to research the topic as a whole – search point per point as you hand listed earlier. Always note down the source of each and every information you find useful

Tip 3:- Write down the findings in your own word referencing every idea you write down

Tip 4:-  Re-arrange your paper to have a good flow and write your conclusion and references

Tip 5:- Re-write your heading and introduction to go inline with your paper

Tip 6:- Read through your paper correcting any mistake you find. If you have someone who can read through your paper it’s more recommendable as someone else can see your errors more than you can. You can also check for plagiarism by running your paper on a plagiarism checker.

The simple tips are an easy way to write a successful academic paper.