The 138cm Sex Dolls for the Ultimate Pleasure

The 138cm Sex Doll is an ultimate pleasure medium size male and female full body doll with unique designs and realistic skin. The 4ft 6inch dolls are solid made of silicon, for oral, anal and vaginal sex, weighing approximately 25kg (55.1 lbs). The dolls have a rigid skeleton with movable arms for a realistic posture.

The toys come in wide variety of looks that include the Indian, Japanese, Chinese, European and American looks, and in different skin tones that include natural, white, brown, tan and even black skin tones with different hair sizes and hair styles. The eye colors of the dolls also come in many choices; various shades of blue, brown, green, silver, gray and black matching or complementing the body look. Clients also have a broad range of bust, waist, hips and butt sizes to choose from without compromising their tastes and preferences.


Various Eye colors

Mechanically the 138cm sex dolls are of three types, those with heat and sound, those with heat or sound only and those with no heat or sound. The heat and sound enabled dolls, have the technology allowing one to adjust heat and sound for that real human feel, giving ultimate anal, oral or vaginal sex pleasure. Vibration is another feature you can’t miss in most dolls especially the male body dolls.

Dimensionally the toys come with vaginal depth starting 16cm (6.3 inches), anal depth starting 15cm (5.9 inches) and oral depth of 12cm (4.7 inches). Male dolls come with dick of varying sizes too.

The sex toys being of silicon material are easy to clean after use, and they do not stain. This allows worry-free usage, and one can even spice up the dolls look with makeup.

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