Fredericia Pizza & Kebab

Fredericia Pizza & Kebab, is your one-stop Italian takeaway restaurant with an incredible wide-range of delicious takeaways. We are an Italian takeaway food restaurant located in Devantiersvej 5th street in Fredericia town in Denmark. You can’t miss a taste of our wide variety of Italian and other classic takeaway foods; make your order, have your order prepared and pick your food or have it delivered to your location and enjoy the tasty unforgettable food experience of a lifetime.

Our Italian takeaway menu is rich with over a hundred varieties of delicious foods and beverages in addition to drippings and pommes frites barbecues and cheese burger which are our most popular dishes. We have numerous varieties of kebabs and over 35 different types of pizzas that include Deep Pan Pizzas, Family Pizzas, General Pizza, Baked Pizzas and children pizzas. We also serve Fries, Chicken, Fish Fillets, Grill Steak, Burgers, Pita Bread, Durums, Flutes, and Sandwiches just to mention a few.  Our salads also come in a wide variety; those with animal products for those who enjoy animal products and vegetables only for those who are strictly vegetarian. For the beverages to complement the food with also serve a variety of liquors, wines, coffees, teas, sodas and spring/mineral water. The food is prepared by our experienced chefs within a short time on placing your order, and the client can opt to pick the food from our restaurant or have it delivered to their location.  To make your order today, access our menu online from our website and place your order on our site. Alternatively, download our Fredericia Pizza & Kebab app from the App Store for the iPhone or from the Google Store for the Android phones and place from which you can access our menu and make your order. You can also call us and to place your order. The app has become a choice for many as it is easier to make the order than from the website where one has to re-enter every detail when making each order.

The Fredericia Pizza was established in 1994 as a small food joint with just a small menu and only one chef, and we have grown with time to become one of the leading takeaway food restaurants in Denmark. We have made a name for our self for our excellent services and high-quality foods. Today we have over ten chefs, a bigger Menu with more variety of takeaways and a well-established delivery system of a fleet of 5 vehicles and 20 motorcycles. We currently deliver orders in Fredericia town and its neighboring suburbs with plans to deliver and open branches in other towns in Denmark and eventually go international. Expect us in your neighborhood soon for a great food experience.

Fredericia Pizza & Kebab, your choice restaurant for unforgettable tasty takeaway food experience!


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